Junior / Assistant Quantity Surveyor

Reporting to: Senior QS

Location: Main Office, and site location – Could be nationwide depending on location of site. Works anticipated, within the next 12 months, to be in and around Derbyshire.

Summary of Duties: Carry out and be responsible for the day to day financial & Operational management of all projects under your supervision, from pre-start through to completion. Reporting to the Operations Manager.

Salary: £17k - 20k Depending on experience

Car Allowance: £3k

(Company Car available in leu of car allowance depending on applicant eligibility)


Financial Management

  • Setting project specific budgets and issuing to operations team
  • Populating external valuations
  • Documentation of any variations on site
  • Taking off quantities for preparation of tenders or financial management
  • Preparation of any quotations or variations to meet current margins
  • Assisting with cost value reports showing profit and loss figures
  • Highlighting any areas were cost saving can be made
  • Assisting with financial appraisals
  • Agreeing any measurement changes with the client
  • Setting up and managing labour / Sub-contract schedules
  • Setting up material schedules and issuing to site
  • Ordering any materials on purchase orders
  • Monitoring costs for any material orders placed
  • Checking queries on invoices and report findings to accounts
  • Producing material reports indicating wastage/ coverage and any over spend


Team Management

  • Liaising with SBS ltd, Quantity Surveyor / Commercial Manager
  • Attending regular team briefings (formal and informal) to ensure that staff are kept informed of Programme priorities and changes
  • Reviewing any subcontract absence/Levels with site team
  • Reviewing site performance & output with site manager to ensure that the programme is met
  • Attend regular operations meetings and help produce necessary progress reports


Project Management

  • Working closely with the team to ensure that standards are in-line with the customers’ expectations and manufacturer specifications
  • Assisting in management of potential delays and relevant
  • Monitor the issue of any. RFI, CVI and site instructions and ensure that they are being valued accordingly



  • Ensure that confidential financial information is not issued to site
  • Ensure that no confidential information is left around the office


Health and Safety (H&S)

  • Taking reasonable care of your own H&S and that of others
  • Ensuring that own H&S training is up to date
  • Not interfering or misusing anything provided for your health safety or welfare
  • Reporting any health and safety concerns to the Site Manager/Operations Manager as soon as is practicable
  • Report any incident/accidents within SBS Ltd reporting policy.
  • Monitoring that all subcontractor insurances are updated.


(Full H&S roles and responsibilities to be issued under separate cover).


Labour Only Sub-Contractor Management

  • Ensuring that each booking in sheet is signed by the site manager before payment is made
  • Checking booking-in claims against produced labour targets and making appropriate payment
  • Monitoring labour targets to ensure that margin is maintained
  • Carry out any on site measurements to ensure payments are correct
  • Issue of weekly or fortnightly payment certificate to contractors
  • Review claims for non-productive items with the site manager and contracts manager


Sub-Contractor Management

  • Assess subcontractor prior to any sub-order being issued (meetings and past experience)
  • Produce financial summary sheet to operations manager, indicating budget against cost before sub-order is placed
  • Check that all items have been priced in accordance with specification
  • Draft subcontract orders detailing all agreed rates and payment dates
  • Obtain updated insurance, UTR details from subcontracts and pass to accounts for verification
  • Issue any site instruction to subcontractors and monitor any variation costs
  • Monitor monthly subcontract applications and issue liability/payment dates to accounts
  • Liaise with site team to ensure value for money is being maintained
  • Attend any site meeting to discuss any financial issues



  • Attending meetings as required
  • Keeping SBS Ltd Operations and Commercial Managers up to date on all relevant site issues
  • Liaise as required with the site team to ensure assistance is given where required
  • Meet regularly with the site management and operations team
  • Ensure two-way communication with client is maintained to ensure customer expectations are met



  • Work closely with the team to promote the brand awareness
  • Work closely with the bid team to ensure production of professional tenders in the times frames require
  • Ensure swift resolution of any client complaints
  • Take an active role in your own personal development


The above duties, responsibilities and tasks are not exhaustive and may be subject to change, modification or addition as the requirements of the position dictate and as the experience and competence of the job holder increases.

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