Latest Phase Completed in Chesterfield

SBS has a long history of collaboration with Chesterfield Borough Council. This has resulted in energy efficiency improvements to many hundreds of homes within the borough, and our work for the council has been nominated for a number of awards.

The latest phase is now complete. For the past year, we have been undertaking structural repairs to 12 flats and 105 semidetached houses of Unity-type, non-traditional construction in order to extend the projected life span by 30 years. The repairs involved inspecting all columns, inserting a corrosion inhibitor into the columns, and installing steel straps across the joints of the concrete panels.

In addition to structural repairs, all properties received PermaRock external wall insulation and benefited from new roofs, windows and doors. The scheme was valued at just over £3m.

To date, SBS has delivered over £12m of works for Chesterfield BC, and helped to improve living conditions in more than 1,300 homes. Residents are benefiting from reduced energy bills and warmer, damp-free homes.

SBS is continuing its work in the region, having recently started work on the refurbishment of 24 properties for Rykneld Homes.

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