SBS Draws Praise for Commitment

In the closing stages of a three-phase refurbishment scheme for Bolsover District Council, SBS has been applauded for its flexibility, its commitment to quality and its readiness to help the client deliver a successful project.

Speaking in the final weeks of the three year scheme, Bolsover District Council's Principal Building Surveyor Mike Baker said: "From the very start of the working relationship I was impressed by the way that staff working for Sustainable Building Services attempted to work with (us) to enable the project to succeed. I felt from very early on that this was the aim: to aid me as a client to deliver a project that not only provided quality workmanship, but also delivered in a timely manner and on budget."

In the first phase, which began in December 2014, SBS was commissioned to install external wall insulation to properties in the Whitwell district of Bolsover. The work was commissioned through Efficiency East Midlands. Having delivered the initial phase successfully, SBS was awarded phase 2, which again entailed installing solid wall insulation - this time in Clowne and Stanfree. Additional works included the installation of new roofs, soffits and fascias. This phase ran for 15 weeks, to April 2016. A third, very similar phase began at the end of 2016, focusing on properties in South Normanton and Shirebrook.

Mike Baker noted that SBS not only delivered work of a high standard, but also showed a positive attitude towards partnership working. He said: "(For the) roofing works... we had our own contractor on board and I can only praise the way that staff have engaged with this contractor and worked together to ensure that the project is delivered cohesively. I feel that for phase 3, the relationships between these two contractors - and also between the project team from SBS and BDC - has worked at its best; providing a smooth-running project with minimal issues occurring.

"The EWI work has been very consistent in the standard of the quality produced, and (SBS staff) on site have helped to keep tenants informed and satisfied whilst the work has been in progress. The tenants in these properties ... had a good relationship with the site operatives, which from my point of view has made the job a lot easier to manage and kept problems to a minimum. This latest phase has also completed on time as expected by the end of this month.

"Overall the costs of each phase have been consistent and I have been pleased with how the team have worked with me to try and keep costs down when we have faced additional extras, enabling the costs to remain at expected levels and therefore within budgets as planned. To conclude, I have been very pleased with the outcome of the project and look forward to working with SBS in the future if at all possible."

More details about this scheme can be found in this case study.

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