Video: Award-Winning Energy Efficiency Scheme

We recently pointed out that the energy efficiency scheme we delivered for Places for People (PfP) in Padiham Lancashire, won two industry awards for innovation and sustainability. (See article.) Now, PfP has released a video (see above) that shows just what a transformation this project achieved.

The 12-minute sequence begins with a series of interviews with tenants who explain the problems associated with the original, unmodified properties. They describe how cold they were in winter and how expensive they were to heat. They note that this often made them unpopular with residents, some of whom moved out after spending just one winter there.

The video then explains the improvement works that were carried out, including installing external wall insulation, new windows, and new photovoltaic panels on the roof to help offset electrical energy consumption. The scheme also entailed replacing old, inefficient storage heaters with more effective modern heating systems.

Once the work was complete, the film crew returned in June 2019 to record what PfP staff describe as a 'tremendous' transformation. Properties are warmer and free from damp, much cheaper to heat and now subject to a waiting list for new tenants. There is a new community spirit that was previously absent, and people report being much happier about their local living environment, with a much stronger sense of pride in their estate.

The work was part of the DREEAM project, in which European project staff worked with PfP over a period of three years to engage with tenants before, during and after the work, in order to evaluate the impacts of the various measures. The scheme also set out to help tenants to manage energy more effectively in their homes as a way to reduce their bills.

In all these respects, the scheme has been a great success, as noted in a recent publication by the Chartered Institute of Housing. Its Best Practice Compendium is designed to share best practice lessons from the CIH Northern Awards, and on pages 24 and 25, it describes the methods and results of the DREEAM scheme in Padiham.

The extract (pages 24 & 25) can be viewed here as a jpeg.

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