Client: One Vision Housing
Approx Value: £350,000


As part of its extensive housing stock, One Vision Housing manages 25 separate communal properties across the Sefton area of Merseyside. These comprise low rise, largely brick-built structures and incorporate 166 residential units in all.

One Vision made the decision to refurbish the 25 properties as a single 16 week scheme. The works would entail redecorating the internal areas, including the 166 occupied flats, and carrying out a range of additional works including a full re-wire, fitting new vinyl flooring and replacing the front doors and door frames.

The Project:

Sustainable Building Services (UK) already had a well established relationship with One Vision but it won the project as a result of price competitiveness and its proven ability to work effectively and sensitively with vulnerable tenants. A proportion of the residents within some of the properties were dealing with problems such as learning difficulties, physical disabilities or addiction or and it was therefore essential that the chosen contractor could engage with them in an effective, safe and sensitive way and build good working relationships with each of them.

Work progressed smoothly, with site managers making strenuous efforts to maintain good dialogue with tenants and to deal efficiently with their requirements and individual concerns.  In addition to ensuring that tenants felt relaxed and secure whilst the work was ongoing, this relationship-building and communication process also made a positive contribution to the scheduling of the scheme because it helped to minimise non-attendance by residents. This, in turn, reduced property access problems and meant that work could continue efficiently and to plan.


Sustainable Building Services successfully delivered all the required results. The re-wiring brought the properties up to modern standards and the combination of new floors, new doors and repainted walls helped to improve the comfort, security and appearance of the residences.  The team received excellent feedback from residents and the contract was completed on time and on budget.

During the course of the contract, Sustainable Building Services took on an apprentice through the Fusion 21 shared apprentice scheme, “Building Skills for the Future.” The individual was given the task of assisting on site staff and gained valuable experience as the project progressed.