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Retrofit Decarbonisation

Sustainable Building Services delivers large-scale social housing and private residential energy efficiency and whole-house retrofit schemes to PAS 2030 / PAS 2035. We lead the way in managing and successfully delivering retrofit decarbonisation works.

Our Approach to Decarbonisation Project Delivery

We offer our clients three important advantages: decades of expertise in the decarbonisation sector, an outstanding track record of delivering PAS-compliant schemes, and the ability to generate significant savings and efficiencies by delivering at scale.

Unparalleled Experience and Expertise

We have unparalleled experience of delivering PAS-compliant retrofit schemes on time and on budget, successfully upgrading thousands of properties each year.

We were one of the first UK contractors to deliver PAS2035-compliant schemes at scale, and to use blended funding across mixed-tenure properties.

As an early adopter, we have learned important lessons that help us mobilise quickly and deliver in compliance with all relevant requirements. This includes developing a collaborative, partnership-focused approach to the management of retrofit decarbonisation schemes.

Our Decarbonisation Turnkey Solutions

Retrofit Decarbonisation Funding Delivery

We work under all DESNZ and utility-funded energy efficiency and decarbonisation initiatives, and manage multi-measure, mixed-tenure schemes. These include:

  • Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF)
  • Home Upgrade Grant (HUG)
  • Energy Company Obligation (ECO)
  • Client-funded projects

As a turnkey provider, we can take responsibility for the end-to-end retrofit journey. We provide surety to clients and stakeholders that all aspects and stages of their decarbonisation projects will be delivered in compliance with TrustMark requirements and the demands of specific funding schemes.

Delivery at Scale

PAS Retrofit Service Provider

In addition, we have established an extensive approved network of external independent suppliers and have carefully developed partnerships with the UK’s leading and most experienced retrofit providers. With them, we have delivered multiple schemes under PAS2030 / PAS 2035.

We also work with appointed retrofit service providers, and are used to taking responsibility and undertaking one, multiple or all retrofit roles.

We understand the added complexity that PAS 2035 has introduced to projects, but we can provide valuable support at every stage. Clients can be sure that they are appointing a contractor and retrofit service provider with extensive experience and an unrivalled track record of delivering successful, PAS 2035-compliant schemes.

Our Decarbonisation Turnkey Solutions

Trusted Decarbonisation Partner Network

We have built a network of suppliers who have gained experience on this same journey, supporting us in improving thousands of homes.

Our PAS-compliant, quality-focused, proven procedures run across all our operations.

To preserve a shared focus and commitment, we have strict selection and onboarding requirements for any new suppliers.

This external network of retrofit supply chain partners can provide clients with unbiased project support, following best practice and the fabric-first principles of PAS 2035.

These relationships have enabled us to secure, progress, mobilise and complete projects in industry-leading timeframes, to the highest standards of quality, compliance and customer satisfaction.

PAS Our Approach

Decarbonisation and Energy Efficiency Frameworks

We provide asset management and retrofit services for some of the UK’s largest social housing providers including housing associations and local authorities. However, in an effort to help local communities to benefit from economies of scale, we also undertake works for private households and residential landlords.

We are listed on many national and regional energy efficiency retrofit and decarbonisation frameworks. Examples include:

Our Projects

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We offer support and advice on all aspects of decarbonisation projects: preparing funding bids, design and planning, supply chain management, project coordination and more. We also help clients to integrate plans for decarbonisation works and routine maintenance, thereby yielding cost-saving and creating less disruption for residents.