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Decarbonisation Turnkey Provider

Working on behalf of social housing providers, private landlords and owner-occupiers, we manage large-scale energy efficiency and decarbonisation projects featuring single and mixed-tenure properties. They include building fabric improvements, low-carbon heating systems, microgeneration systems and planned maintenance.

Our key roles and areas of expertise include:

Project Management

We manage residential energy efficiency projects, whole-house retrofits and decarbonisation schemes funded by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) and utility companies.

We plan and deliver projects of all sizes, including the improvement of multi-tenure properties and high-rise buildings.

Our quality-focused project management has earned us citations in influential government-funded reports, and a number of our schemes have been visited by DESNZ, National Housing Federation, and other organisations, highlighted as examples of industry best practice.

Funding Management

Our knowledge of project funding is extensive. We work with all major funding streams and have close working relationships with clients, regional energy hubs, energy efficiency consortia and nationwide framework providers. This helps us to secure funding, achieve compliance and meet scheme requirements.

Our decarbonisation funding services:

  • Offer early-stage advice and support for funding application bids.
  • Enhance our clients’ ability to claim and utilise funding. (This includes ensuring timely delivery to hit deadlines and maximise the use of available funding.)
  • Plan and manage projects that use blended funding (i.e. for social and private dwellings) to maximise the local adoption of energy efficiency measures.
  • Offer affordable private-finance options that make retrofit installations more affordable for ‘able-to-pay’ households while also maximising the use of national/regional funding. Featuring phased payments and low-cost/’green’ borrowing, the solution encourages the take-up of energy efficiency measures while we are delivering publicly-funded retrofit schemes in the same area.

Whole-house Retrofit

We review and advise on planned maintenance programmes, as well as proposed energy efficiency improvements, to maximise funding for making multi-measure and associated improvements as part of a whole house retrofit.

Delivering multiple measures concurrently provides clients with economies of scale and other efficiencies. It also delivers better, more coherently planned energy efficiency solutions for households, and with much less disruption overall.

Working to the recommended fabric-first approach, we manage projects involving all manner of decarbonisation solutions. They will vary according to each property’s age, archetype and condition. In accordance with Trustmark guidance, retrofit measures are designed and installed on the basis of property-by-property surveys and assessments.

Asset Management

Being so closely involved with our clients’ housing stock affords us the opportunity to serve a valuable property management function.

Understanding the stock from an energy efficiency perspective, we can take a lead on asset management, reporting on the condition of properties, recommending the measures they require, and helping to inform decisions about planned maintenance and ‘future proofing.’

By giving our clients a better understanding of their properties’ maintenance needs, compliance status and energy efficiency ratings, we can help them to plan and combine works for maximal effect and minimal disruption.

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We offer support and advice on all aspects of decarbonisation projects: preparing funding bids, design and planning, supply chain management, project coordination and more. We also help clients to integrate plans for decarbonisation works and routine maintenance, thereby yielding cost-saving and creating less disruption for residents.