Continuing Work with Herefordshire Housing

SBS and Herefordshire Housing have an excellent working relationship that dates back to 2013. In April, we reported that we were busy delivering a 2-phase external wall insulation scheme in Redhill. Now, in July 2019, we have begun a new phase involving the installation of solid wall insulation to bungalows, houses and sheds.

As in previous phases, the homes are all occupied. The properties include 45 Cornish Type 1 bungalows and 15 Type 2 houses, as well as 75 sheds. They will all be fitted with a system designed and manufactured by PermaRock Products Ltd. It comprises fire-safe mineral fibre insulation, with a through-coloured Silicone Ultra K 1.5mm Finish and Brick Effect Render.

The properties are made from pre-fabricated pre-reinforced concrete (PRC) panels, which feature a variety of different levels. Creating an even substrate over which to apply the render has required the design and use of pre-cut insulation panels.

The work is directly commissioned by Herefordshire Housing and is valued at over £320,000.

solid wall insulation
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