Multi-storey (High-Rise) Decarbonisation Programme

Nottingham, England

Project Value: £1m


This scheme, delivered for Nottingham City Homes, featured a new-build and refurbishment project based around two high-rise, 14-storey tower blocks. Known as Winwood Heights, it required the renovation of the existing properties, improving their energy efficiency, together with the creation of a new retirement village on the ground between the two towers.

Part of this scheme involved the design and installation of an external wall insulation system, not only to the towers but also to the new building, which featured 44 newly sheltered accommodation properties.

The project

We were appointed to carry out the necessary work on the strength of our extensive experience of installing external wall insulation on high rise buildings, and the fact that we are only one of a small number of contractors approved by SWIGA to carry out work of this type.

Another important factor was our strong relationship with the designer of the chosen EWI system, PermaRock Products Limited. Since 2012, we had installed PermaRock Mineral Fibre EWI systems to over 35 high rise tower blocks. Collectively, the senior management team at SBS had experience of installing external wall insulation systems to hundreds of high-rise buildings throughout the UK.

In preparation for the installation work, we worked with PermaRock to agree design detailing for the various elevations and building features, including around doors, windows and vents. SBS operatives underwent intensive on-site training with PermaRock’s technical team familiarise themselves with the system and the detailing. This helped to ensure that work could then progress quickly and smoothly.

Once mast-climbers had been securely installed to afford access to the high-rise buildings, their exterior walls were cleaned, repaired where necessary, and treated with an anti-fungal wash. Staff then began the installation work itself. They worked under the close supervision of SBS site managers and observed a series of ‘quality holding points’, which required the site manager’s inspection and sign-off before further works could continue.


Work was completed on schedule and without any reported defects. The installations were backed by a 25-year SWIGA guarantee.

Collectively, the new and refurbished properties have created 224 one- and two-bedroom apartments for older people, offering ‘assisted living’ support, as required. The properties also boast new energy efficient glazing and improved heating systems.

Insurance Funding via Client
No. of Properties
Two 14-storey tower blocks and 44 new-build sheltered accommodation apartments
(244 unts in all)
PAS 2035:2019 / 2035:2019 Roles (SBS Supplier Network)
Retrofit Designer / EEM Installer
PAS Energy Efficiency Measures

External Wall Insulation

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