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SBS has long recognised the importance of consumer confidence; of ensuring that homeowners know and understand that we will always treat their property with respect and work to the highest industry standards.

This is why we were delighted to be awarded the TrustMark recently and why, over many years, we have worked so closely with organisations such as the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency, SWIGA. Additionally, however, we have a long history with the Consumer Protection Association (CPA) – a national organisation that has been helping consumers and installers for over twenty years. It is the UK’s number one resource for connecting householders with accredited home improvement installers.

In January 2020, we were therefore very pleased to receive an award certificate from the CPA recognising our five years of membership with the organisation.

On behalf of the CPA, Jeremy Brett wrote to our company chair Derek Horrocks, stating: “We are delighted to inform you that Sustainable Building Services (UK) Ltd has been awarded a 5 Year Achievement Award in recognition of your long-standing membership. We feel it is important to recognise your commitment… to ensuring that your customers receive the best possible consumer protection (and) we hope that you will continue to provide excellent services to your customers for many years to come.”

The CPA is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and it describes its role as follows: “The CPA offers a range of products to make sure that consumers who enter into a contract to have work undertaken on their property are insured against unforeseeable circumstances… We only deal with proven and accredited installers and we fully vet them for professional competence and integrity, throughout the life of their membership.”

The CPA is also an operator of the TrustMark scheme, which helps homeowners to source reliable and competent contractors to carry out improvements and repairs to their property. SBS was recognised as a TrustMark accredited business earlier the same month, January 2020.

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