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As previously reported, we are continuing a long-standing relationship with the social housing provider Rykneld Homes. Part of the work we are currently delivering in Derbyshire includes retrofitting solid wall insulation systems to a large number of Airey and foam slag residential properties.

The scheme has been demonstrating what can be achieved when delivering at scale, taking advantage of the resulting economies and efficiency savings. Work has been progressing at pace, despite sometimes inclement weather and, on 9th February, Helen Brown, Rykneld Homes’ Head of Development and Regeneration, wrote to thank us for our commitment. She said:

“Just wanted to let you know that we are incredibly pleased with the progress on site over the last few weeks. It’s incredible the progress that is being made on site to the Aireys and also the foam slags. This is great news and gives more comfort that we will be in a position to achieve the revised funding deadlines. Thank you for increasing resources and management across the board.”

The latest installations for Rykneld Homes are being funded via the Local Authority Delivery (LAD 2) scheme, but previous works have been funded by LAD 1A and LAD 1B.

Our previous article, featuring a site visit by local MPs and councillors, provides more details of the scale of works completed. Briefly, however, they encompassed 115 BISF and Unity Non-Traditional Construction properties under LAD 1A, and 140 more under LAD 1B. The associated retrofit energy efficiency works were completed to the PAS2030:2017 standard.

Towards the end of 2021, SBS began the current phase, which is being delivered to the newer PAS2030:2019 and PAS2035:2019 standards. Funded under LAD 2, the scheme will see energy efficiency improvements to around 175 Non-Traditional Construction properties, and additional repairs to over 50 homes.

SBS is one of only a small number of specialist contractors currently delivering large-scale retrofit and decarbonisation works under the LAD and SHDF schemes. We are TrustMark registered and all work is delivered in accordance with the requirements of the new PAS standards.

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