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A survey completed earlier in the year by our entire team has reaffirmed our confidence in togetherness, with a strong sense of identity widely believed to be pushing us forward.

The employee engagement survey, which we’re pleased to say received a 100% completion rate from all employees at the time, explored and assessed our core values, company culture and brand messages.

The results were telling, and we’re pleased to report that our six core values – honesty, integrity, high individual standards, being idea oriented and willing to contribute, caring, and taking responsibility – all scored an agreement rate higher than 94%, with multiple scoring a perfect 100%.

Similarly, individual word maps describing key attributes of SBS and its employees consistently included ‘passion’, ‘reliability’, ‘teamwork’, ‘innovation’, and being ‘open’ to learning new things.

Our managing director Gary Lawson said: “It’s really encouraging to see this level of engagement, unity and togetherness. We’re pleased that everyone has an interest in shaping who we are, what we look like and how we sound as a business.

“We were proud the results showed that 100% of our team agreed, or strongly agreed, with the ideals that we put the customer at the heart of everything we do, that we promote the idea of a unified team working towards the same goal, and that we strive for the highest quality standards in our work. All of these aims are at the core of our business ethos.

“The belief that we lead a transparent and open culture throughout the business, that we are an ethically led business focussing on improving energy efficiency, and that we support and develop our employees with training and opportunities were also agreed with or strongly agreed with. To receive the remarkably high scores of 96%, 96%, and 94% respectively is something we’re proud of and are committed to only improving on.

Overall, the survey demonstrates the strength of our team and the consistency in shared aims driving us forward. As we continue to grow, we’re determined to keep these values at the heart of our business and maintain our proven approach.

To learn more about who we are, visit our About Us page.