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The Communities and Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC) has officially launched its first dedicated framework for the retrofit and decarbonisation sector – the Healthy Homes Framework – and we’re pleased to announce we are a part of it.

Compliant with PAS 2030 and 2035 and Building Safety Bill standards, the four-year Healthy Homes Framework serves as a unified, compliant procurement solution for landlords to realise their net-zero emissions goals. By integrating goods, works and services, it streamlines the process of surveying, design, coordination, assessment and implementation, making sustainability and safety more attainable.

We’ve been appointed to two sub lots within Lot 2 (Works and Services), to work on any projects requiring fabric first and turnkey solutions, enabling more than 200 landlords to seamlessly execute retrofit energy efficiency solutions that will enhance residential properties and improve tenants lives.


Gary Lawson, our managing director, said: “Having worked with CHIC members on projects in the past, we’re looking forward to working with them again, sharing and utilising our extensive expertise in this area to make a tangible difference – providing warm, safe and healthy changes to homes for those that need them.

“In our effort to decarbonise the UK’s housing stock, collaboration is key to making progress and maintaining momentum. We’re pleased that the interest in this framework, and the sheer variety and numbers of those appointed, paints a picture of an industry that agrees with this view and is ready and willing to work together.

“When facing a challenge as complicated as climate change, which cannot be addressed by one body, collaboration allows us to share the load. This framework will do exactly that, while improving the lives of many tenants.”

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