New Insulation Scheme for Beyond Housing, Middlesbrough

In February 2019, SBS began enabling works on a new site in Redcar, in preparation for installing external wall insulation (EWI) to 92 occupied homes. It is acting on behalf of Beyond Housing, following a successful competitive tender.

Later in the year, SBS will begin a second phase of works, involving an additional 98 properties in nearby Overfield. The two phases are expected to be completed within nine months. The project is worth a total of approximately £1.1 million.

The Redcar properties include mid- and end-terraces, bungalows and end terrace flats. All are of No-Fines construction and have solid walls. The system chosen for the scheme has been designed by PermaRock Products, and features EPS insulation and protective render. On some of the bungalows, which feature brick-built gables, the EWI system will also include brick slip finishes.

The scheme began after a well-attended residents' consultation event in January, when SBS staff explained the benefits of the system and the work that would be involved. SBS is keen to maximise community impacts and, over the coming months, the work will be supported by local labour. SBS has engaged with a number of Middlesbrough-based suppliers who will be providing scaffolding, enabling works, electrical works and waste management services.

"We're listed number one for both price and quality on a number of major frameworks, but this is the first time we have worked with Beyond Housing," noted Group Commercial Director Gary Lawson. "It's good that we're continuing to expand our client base and we've been working very closely to align our various processes. Things are progressing well on site and we'll be doing everything possible to deliver best value at every stage."

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