Year: 2020 to 2021
Approx Value: £1.2 million
Client: Citizen Housing



In 2020, Citizen Housing appointed SBS to deliver an energy efficiency scheme in Coventry. The works were intended to improve the energy efficiency and other improvements of 118 occupied homes. An additional element would include re-roofing certain properties and their outbuildings.

The Project:

An early challenge was the pandemic; to ensure the safety of residents and staff whilst also avoiding unnecessary delays. This was achieved through the rigorous adoption of new procedures and policies, backed by ongoing training, staff inductions and weekly safety inspections by site managers. This was supported by the creation of sanitising stations outside the properties, where operatives arriving on site could sterilise their hands and put on masks, gloves and (for interior works) protective overshoes. With these measures established and strictly observed, work progressed to plan, with occasional changes requested by the client.

One important development was a plan to retrofit multiple energy efficiency measures to the one vacant property encompassed by the scheme. Citizen wanted to evaluate the costs and viability of creating a net-zero property and this provided the perfect opportunity.

SBS therefore worked with the client to agree an action plan that covered a wide array of measures. Besides the energy efficiency improvements, these included fitting a new kitchen and bathroom so as to make the property fully tenant-ready upon completion.


SBS completed the entire scheme in 2021, having maintained an excellent record on both safety and quality. All properties were handed over with zero defects. This included the demonstrator property which came complete with new internal and external wall insulation, and new insulation to its floor, loft and flat roof areas. It also benefited from a new heating and ventilation system and replacement windows and doors. Like the other properties, it also featured a smart thermostat system.

Looking forward, the client will measure the demonstrator property’s energy data in order to evaluate the ongoing impacts of the various measures.

Client Verdict:

"During an early meeting, (I became) confident that SBS were capable of performing the task required. But to say “capable” is an understatement. The external support I had was exemplary. The Project team have performed beyond my expectations. It was quickly obvious that their aims were aligned to my aspirations for quality and safety. Our Clerk of Works has commented that he considers the workmanship for this project to be the best he has seen. I concur.

The contract was extended twice to accommodate additional properties, changes in specification, plus a first pilot for Citizen: a zero-carbon renovation. This was processed during some difficult times with the impact of Covid, lockdowns and Brexit. SBS successfully dealt with all these matters, giving us the ability to progress. I now regard SBS as a contractor that I can recommend and I look forward to future collaboration."
Harvinder Aouilk, Building Surveyor, Citizen