Client: Norwich City Council
Size: 26 occupied properties


Norwich City Council obtained funding to carry out energy efficiency works on 26 occupied houses in the city.

The properties were all low-rise and had solid walls, so an external wall insulation (EWI) system was required. However, since the various properties had been built to different designs, the chosen contractor would be expected to adapt its approach accordingly. Importantly, it would also be required to deliver high levels of energy efficiency without marring the appearance of the homes.

The Project:

Sustainable Building Services won the contract on the basis of a competitive tender and, having carried out a thorough inspection of the various properties, it set about installing a high quality external wall insulation system. This would greatly improve heat retention in the houses and, because it would be affixed to the outside rather than the inside walls, it meant that residents would not have to move furniture or redecorate.

The system itself was made up of insulation board over-coated with mortar and finished with a durable, waterproof render that was offered to residents in a choice of four colours. The fitting of the insulation boards increased the effective thickness of the walls, so the project also involved fitting new soffits and fascia boards, renewing rainwater goods and fitting new canopies over the front doors.

A notable part of the project was that four of the properties had originally been given a mock Tudor finish. Consequently, the insulation system was applied in a similar style, with timbers fitted  on top of the render so as to maintain the appearance and character of the four homes in question.


The project was completed on schedule and to the satisfaction of both the client and residents.

The properties are now significantly more energy efficient than before the installation and savings per household typically exceed £300 per annum.

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