Client: Kier Group
Approx. Value: £900,000


The Kier Group was appointed by Stoke on Trent City Council to undertake a major refurbishment project involving some of the older housing stock in the region. One element of this project involved providing additional insulation to 150 steel framed BISF houses, whose basic design dated back to the 1940s and whose energy efficiency needed to be brought into line with modern standards.

Resolving that external wall insulation (EWI) would provide the most effective solution to this challenge, Kier appointed Sustainable Building Services as its specialist sub-contractor and instructed the company to carry out the necessary installation work over a period of just five months. The scheme would also entail applying a decorative finish over the chosen insulation system.

The Project:

One of the principal challenges of the scheme was that, owing to the funding arrangements, the contract delivery period was very short and condensed.  The supply of labour, materials, plant and equipment therefore had to be very carefully planned from the outset and SBS staff needed to maintain excellent communications with the client at all times.

To ensure that the tight delivery schedules could be met, site-specific material schedules were developed and used to control the ordering and distribution of all related supplies.

The demanding schedule also required the recruitment of a number of new staff, all of whom had to be properly inducted to ensure full awareness of the company’s safety, quality assurance and environmental management systems.


The work was completed on schedule in the allotted five month period. Kier reported good feedback not only from its client but also from local residents, and the resulting improvements to the houses are confidently expected to yield very substantial energy savings and corresponding reductions in residents’ living costs.

The project also resulted in the appointment of a significant number of new, highly trained operatives who will remain with the business and who have demonstrated their ability to produce work of the highest professional standard.

Client verdict:

“Sustainable Building Services met a very demanding brief without fuss and without deviating from the specification. Its workers displayed high quality workmanship and made a significant contribution to the high customer satisfaction ratings that we received.”

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