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We recently noted that we’d received some very positive feedback from a resident in Stramshall, Uttoxeter, following energy efficiency works on her home. Now, just a week later, we’ve received a very kind ‘thank you’ letter from another resident; this time from Holmesfield in Derbyshire.

SBS staff are working in the district under a LAD-funded decarbonisation project carried out on behalf of Rykneld Homes. The scheme encompasses several different neighbourhoods and property archetypes; in this case a series of 34 Airey non-traditional properties. Featuring solid walls of non-traditional construction, and therefore being relatively hard to heat, the homes required extensive structural improvements and the addition of external wall insulation (EWI) in order to improve thermal performance while also improving their appearance.

In a letter addressed to the local SBS site manager, Tom Baugh, the resident wrote:

“Just a few words to say how much I have appreciated the work that has been carried out on my house. Your teams have been amazing, so friendly and thorough in all they have done. Thank you so much for keeping me informed as to when and who was coming.”

The note was much appreciated by the site team and it underlines the importance of maintaining good communication with residents from the outset.

Other properties being upgraded as part of the same phase of works have included:

  • 86 x Reema non-traditional construction
  • 48 x Foamslag non-traditional construction
  • 7 x Unity non-traditional construction


All energy efficiency measures have been installed in accordance with the demands of the PAS2030:2019 and PAS2035:2019 standards. The project has been funded under different phases of the Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery scheme (LAD 1A, 1B and 2).

The work builds on a long-standing relationship with Rykneld Homes. Details of previous phases of the same overarching project can be found here, in an article describing a visit in early 2022 by Lee Rowley MP, together with representatives of North East Derbyshire District Council and Rykneld Homes.

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