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We’re excited to announce that we are a founding member of the National Home Decarbonisation Group (NHDG), a new coalition of businesses aimed at delivering high-quality energy efficiency measures and low carbon technologies at scale across the UK’s housing stock.  

The group predicts that the majority of the large-scale domestic retrofit work in the UK will be carried out by members in the coming years and believes that collaboration and continued long-term government commitment for the decarbonisation of 26 million UK homes is critical to meeting net zero targets on this scale.  

Backed by the country’s leading contractors and residential retrofit specialists and with widescale delivery in mind, the NHDG’s objective will be to create a collaborative platform for us and other members to focus on three core areas critical to achieving the government’s ambitious targets for the sector.  

The areas being addressed are: 

  • Growing the retrofit supply chain 
  • Advising on policy 
  • Stimulating innovation

These will combine to underpin support for households during the ongoing energy, cost of living, health and climate crises.  

As members, we will be operating as one of many contractors and energy suppliers in the group, all specialising in retrofit residential decarbonisation at scale. We will be undertaking work supporting retrofit installations for all housing tenure types, including social, owner-occupied, and private rental homes.  

Managing director Gary Lawson said: “A cross-industry group like the NHDG has been long overdue to make sure we’re working together across the sector to really deliver what is needed for the benefit of both individuals and the planet. 

“We’re incredibly proud to be one of a select number of founding members for the group, bringing our specific specialism in compliant housing decarbonisation projects to the fore. Together with the other founding members, we know that together we can deliver on the ambitious targets needed to truly make the difference needed for a better, more energy-efficient future.” 

The NHDG will spearhead the charge for improvements in skills and innovation, including the digitalisation of retrofit, increased off-site solutions, and the development of finance solutions to support the decarbonisation of the UK’s housing stock. This will help create a strong, more efficient industry with robust solutions for the fast-growing demand in the sector.  

Our chairman Derek Horrocks will also be chairing the National Home Decarbonisation Group. He said: “We believe that central and devolved governments need to hear a strong, positive message from experienced industry contractors and stakeholders, confidently confirming the ability of the supply chain to deliver on current and ambitious future targets.  

“The industry has seen the commitment to retrofit projects diluted or under-delivered in the past. However, as the need to decarbonise continues to increase, we have seen commitments ramp up significantly with £6.6 billion of government investment over the current parliament, and a further £6 billion pledged between 2025 and 2028 for the sector. 

“Our links across government and industry are already robust, and the creation of the group and its combined membership will put us in a prime position to move forward with government as one voice on one mission.” 

The NHDG is working closely with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), devolved nation governments, and key sector stakeholders. It has been founded through the National Insulation Associated (NIA), a long-standing trade association with its members already delivering large-scale PAS:2035 compliant installations funded by various government schemes – such as the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF).  

For more information on the National Decarbonisation Group, please visit its website at:  

Sustainable Building Services becomes a member of the National Home Decarbonisation Group