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Our resident liaison officer Samantha Smith has been busy working with The Rugby Football League to donate much-needed clothes and support to the people of St Mary’s Crescent in Bradford during the colder months.

One such donation was to Joanne, who received various clothing items for her two young children. Another was to Mr Richard White, who is a huge rugby league fan and was delighted to receive a new jacket and polo shirt, but most of all his new Castleford Tigers shirt.

To continue making a difference, we are currently organising a set of tickets for Richard and his family to attend a Castleford Tigers game and see the action live.

Samantha said: “It’s a tough time for a lot of people and many of our more vulnerable community members need additional support. It’s been wonderful donating new polo shirts, joggers, hoodies, and jackets, and lending a helping hand. However small, all of our work is making big differences to individual lives.”

Millions of people in the UK live in social housing that could benefit from decarbonisation through the installation of energy efficiency measures, which, in turn, would improve households physically, mentally and financially. Cold, damp, and many other issues such as mould can all be rectified so that our donations are no longer needed as severely.

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