Hedgehog Rescue

In November, we announced that SBS had started work on site for Denbighshire County Council, and that one of our first steps was to appoint Aleta Braia as the local tenant liaison officer.

Aleta has been busy communicating with local residents and keeping people informed about the re-roofing and energy efficiency works that will be taking place. And although 'wildlife champion' was one of the roles not specifically listed in her job description, she has been quick to include that amongst her responsibilities.

On 28th November, while doing her rounds on site, she happened upon a lost hedgehog that seemed to be struggling in the cold. She knew that hedgehogs should be hibernating by now but it was just sitting there in the road. Realising that something was probably wrong, she called a friend of hers who had recently built a rescue hedgehog home for a client in Anglesey.

"I know that hedgehogs are supposed to be hibernating at this time of year and that they're declining rapidly," explains Aleta. "My friend had just built a rescue centre in a huge summer house, with heating stalls and so on, so he passed me on to his client and she gave me some details for a nearer rescue centre in Prestatyn.

"Acting on their advice, I popped the hedgehog in a box in our site office. I put some warm water in empty bottles to make little hot water bottles, then wrapped them up and put them in the box to keep him warm until the lady from the rescue centre collected him."

As it turned out, the rescue centre went home with two hedgehogs that day. By chance, one of the site operatives had heard of Aleta's exploits and as he was returning from the site office, a local boy asked him to help another hedgehog that he'd found stuck nearby. So both of the hedgehogs ended up in the centrally heated box, where they waited until they were taken to the rescue centre.

We've often said that we're happy to go the extra mile when it comes to customer care, and we'd like to think that Aleta's efforts prove that point rather well.

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